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I have been a licensed Realtor for over 15 years and Taylor Properties is one of the best companies to work for. They have a very knowledgeable and professional team/staff well versed and are very responsive to their agents.

Constance Daniels

I can't say enough good things about Taylor Properties. They are always very responsive to the agent's issues, they offer a choice in commission plans, charge a low fee for E&O insurance and administrative fees. They give their agents choices instead of demands. In addition to all the usual services provided by brokers, they have wonderful dinner meetings with interesting speakers. I highly recommend Taylor Properties!

Sarah Burton

The very BEST Real Estate Company to work with…always attending to the needs of the agents…THANK YOU TAYLOR PROPERTIES STAFF…

Casey Lewis

Wonderful staff to work with. Always ready to assist you achieve your next level in your business. They love their agents and always help and render advise and assistance when needed. They're the best of the best. From the owner to the staff, I'm very very proud of them. There is nothing to make me leave that company.

Nicholas Mbubu

I have been an agent with Taylor Properties for many years. I left the large corporate monster brokerage company that I started with for TP and I have not looked back other than to express how I love the bump in commission income that I received when I made the switch. Taylor Properties, unlike my prior broker, understands that agents are independent contractors and I do not feel pressured to use its affiliated title company and mortgage lender. The staff is very friendly and supportive. Delia, the manager, is my broker angel - she's straight forward, personable, and helpful whenever she can be. IMPORTANT NOTE: Unlike the commission split process at my previous brokerage company under which, BEFORE THE SPLIT, the company would quietly take 6% off the top, TP has no such hidden fees. What you see is what you get. Honesty, friendly support, respect for the agents' independent status, and MORE MONEY!!

Sylvia Adams

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